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As we have all come to realize, in recent years, the online auction format has become the most efficient and convenient method of selling livestock in today’s climate of rising input costs and travel expenses.

We welcome you, as fellow livestock producers to review our services, advertising avenues, and exposure outlets that we target. With the utilization of our site and services, you will gain an optimum amount of exposure to those in the livestock industry.

We feel that a healthy level of interaction and contact with customers from both sides of the fence, be it buyers or sellers, deserve personal interaction not always provided, thus, creating an environment that is pleasurable and seamless for all involved.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you and vow to exhaust all efforts to earn your business for years to come.

We strive to connect old auctioneering methods with the latest market trends through our online bidding platform which:
  >  Reach more buyers & sellers
  >  Reduce the risk of diseases
  >  View before you buy
  >  Save time, save money
  >  Free sign up
  >  No sale, no fee

Livestock Auctioneers
LIBA Auctioneers serve the greater area of the Northern Cape & Northwest Province agricultural community. Regular auctions of live stock are held every Wednesday when livestock are offered for sale. Our state of the art online bidding platform allows our local farmers to sell to more buyers online…directly from our store.

Property Auctions
We facilitate the sales of farms and agricultural land through auctioning process enabling sellers to maximize prices.

Estate Agents
Sales of all classes of property including: Urban property, country houses, smallholdings, retail and industrial premises.

General Auctions
Throughout the year there are special sales of goods, horses, vehicles, equipment and machinery. Farm dispersal sales of machinery are also held as requested.